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LAB ESCAPE is a virtual team escape room focusing on improving team communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. It is...


Coming February 2021 CASTLE ESCAPE is a virtual escape room is designed for a larger team-building exercise and intended...

How it works

Working with your team is the only way out

These team building games are designed to enable you to work efficiently with your team to be able to succeed. The only way you succeed in these games is your work with your team to find your way out.

The Clock Is Ticking…

Working effectively is one thing, but working efficiently and is a totally different game. These games are timed with a maximum number of minutes to complete. You need to be an effective and efficient team to complete successfully on-time.

Feel The Atmosphere

Our Team Building games are 3D games, with a complex setup, and it is not just like a physical escape room where the setup is the same every time. Our games changes depending on your level, your team behavior, and is designed to improve the certain team and individual skillset. They look great too.


The LABESCAPE is well crafter for team work. it was fun, but challenging I loved seeing how my struggled team members come together so fast in just 90 minutes. Perfect for Virtual Team
Tiffany (Project Manager)
When we moved to remote work due to COVID-19 pandemic. My team was completely got disoriented, and I could not get anything done on time. I reached out to ENCADE for help, and we did the lab escape twice with a facilitator. My team is now on-track and finally functional again.
Aaron (Director of Engineering)
I was curious about the concept of virtual team building exercises, and decided to try it with my team. in my mind it was just a game, but man I was wrong. It was very challenging, and I never seen my team communicate and collaborate together like this before. It transformed my team from a group of individuals into a united team. I wrote this testimonial two weeks after we took the session, and I can still see the difference it made to my team. I am definitely doing this in regular basis with my team.
Steve (Marketing Manager)
I am not a technical savvy and my team is the same. As an HR manager, I was interested to try it as a potential HR tool. It looks promising, but I am used to traditional HR styles, so I decided to give it a try with my team before I introduce it to the company.It was not a game, it was a true simulation experience. It was not like any team building exercise I did before.I already recommended to all managers in my company.
Wendy (Manager of HR)

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  • Team & Co-Workers
  • Friends & Family
  • Game Lovers

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