How to play

Who Should Play?

Any team who want to improve thier teamwork, improve thier collaboration, and communicate skills, or just come together to have fun. It is designed to bring the team together regardless of thier physical locations.

For Team Building

Our virtual escape rooms are designed for intense participation from the group trying to escape. It’s perfect for a team-building experience from anywhere. Your team will improve regardless.

We Can Facilitate

We provide professional facilitators that will not only facilitate the exercise/gameplay but also schedule and facilitate a debriefing session to help the team harmonize and reflect.
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What People Say

The LABESCAPE is well crafter for team work. it was fun, but challenging I loved seeing how my struggled team members come together so fast in just 90 minutes. Perfect for Virtual Teams.
Tiffany (Project Manager)
When we moved to remote work due to COVID-19 pandemic. My team was completely got disoriented, and I could not get anything done on time. I reached out to ENCADE for help, and we did the lab escape twice with a facilitator. My team is now on-track and finally functional again.
Aaron (Director of Engineering)
I was curious about the concept of virtual team building exercises, and decided to try it with my team. in my mind it was just a game, but man I was wrong. It was very challenging, and I never seen my team communicate and collaborate together like this before. It transformed my team from a group of individuals into a united team. I wrote this testimonial two weeks after we took the session, and I can still see the difference it made to my team. I am definitely doing this in regular basis with my team.
Steve (Marketing Manager)
I am not a technical savvy and my team is the same. As an HR manager, I was interested to try it as a potential HR tool. It looks promising, but I am used to traditional HR styles, so I decided to give it a try with my team before I introduce it to the company.It was not a game, it was a true simulation experience. It was not like any team building exercise I did before.I already recommended to all managers in my company.
Wendy (Manger of HR)


If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to contact us.
A virtual escape multi-players game designed for a team-building simulation to improve team-work, communication, collaboration, problem solving and my other team relevant skills.It is ideal for virtual teams.
The game is designed to complete between 60-90 depending on the team performance.Novice player and team members that new to each others will likely not complete game on-time first time.In addition, there are multi-stages to each game, so each stage increase the difficulty level and enable team efficiency at total different level.Each stage is played as a separate session.
Depending on the game, the number of players, and the team stage you choose to play. Typical timeline for a game is between 50 to 90 minutes.For Example: LABESCAPE with Novice Players will take around 90 minutes to complete. We had teams complete the game in 40 minutes, but these teams are advanced teams, and also played the game before, and this was their tune-up session.
In fact we recommend that you and your team continue to play at least once every quarter. These are called team-tune up sessions.
No. These virtual rooms are private to your team, and only visible to people who are invited to play in this session.
This is a computer game played online. Therefore you need to the following equipment.1- A desktop or a laptop computer. 2- A decent Internet connection (at least 10 mbps download speed). 3- A web browser (chrome or Firefox) 4- A keyboard (Note: wireless Keyboard need to be fully charges or have enough battery power). 5- A computer mouse (Note: wireless mouse need to be fully charges or have enough battery power). 6- A working headset with a microphone so you can talk and hear your team speaking (Note: Headset need to be fully charges or have enough battery power).
It does not really matter as long as you have the right equipment and able to operate these equipment effectively, then you can play. We have team members plays as young as 8 years old, and we have team members as old as 60 years old.In fact, it is fun to see how different age groups plays differently.We have many family members with a mixed ages who played for the sake of bridging the family together and do something fun during the pandemic lockdown, and it was reported that it was very entertaining and exciting.